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Dr. William Gunn is the Head of Academic Outreach for Mendeley, the leading research management tool for collaboration and discovery. Dr. Gunn attended Tulane University as a Louisiana Board of Regents Fellow, receiving his Ph.D in Biomedical Science from the Center for Gene Therapy at Tulane University in 2008. His research involved dissecting the molecular mechanism of bone metastasis in multiple myeloma and resulted in a novel treatment approach employing mesenchymal stem cells, the body's own reparative forces. Frustrated with the inefficiencies of the modern research process, he left academia and established the biology program at Genalyte, a novel diagnostics startup. From there, Dr. Gunn moved to Mendeley to pursue his mission of bringing modern network efficiencies to academic research.

Interest in LODLAM

I'm here to represent the science side of LAM, which is often underrepresented in LOD circles. I'm interested in hearing about what projects are under development and the problems I'm interested in are author name disambiguation, content reuse and reuse metrics, and discovery/recommender systems.


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Linked Open Data Projects

We're working on a project to connect Mendeley's store of research literature and associated metadata to the LOD cloud, via a EU-based project called CODE: http://code-research.eu/
The vision of CODE is to empower users in analysing the vast body of scientific knowledge. The starting point will be some new Natural Language Processing technologies developed by the Know-Center Graz for crowd-sourcing fact extraction from scientific literature via Mendeley. The University of Passau interlinks the extracted facts with information already available in specific parts of the Web, namely the Linked Data cloud.

I am personally working on a dataset of