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I work in AI and using linked open data approaches for industrial applications and ontology development.

Interest in LODLAM

I'd like to build on the momentum of the previous lodlam to push for better opportunities to link data sets together and create working groups and/or funding applications for the following:

* Great War related automated link generation services.
* Working groups to share ideas about poorly defined geolocation problems such as trenches and relative location descriptions (e.g.: north of the farm).
* Exporting environmental and remote sensing LOD for better reporting. I have an experimental weather station that does this and it would be interesting to compare notes with other people who thinker.
* Putting together briefing packages for government ministers to get them to open their data.




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Linked Open Data Projects

I've been working on the Muninn Project ( a linked open data project about the First World War. I have extensive experience in developing ontologies and deploying them for real world use.

I also work on the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory ( project which is publishing Linked Open Data about early feminist writers.

Relevant publications:

Adriel Dean-Hall and Robert H. Warren. Sex, privary and ontologies. In Workshop on Search and Exploration of X-Rated Information (SEXI 2013), in proceedings of Sixth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2013), Rome, Italy, February 2013.
* Robert H. Warren and David Evans. From the trenches – API issues in linked geo data. In Linking Geospatial Data Workshop, London, UK, March 2014. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
* Robert H. Warren and David Evans. 3D virtual worlds as search, discovery and retrieval engines. In The Search Is Over! – Exploring Cultural Collections with Visualization – DL2015, London, UK, September 2014.
* Douglas W. Oard
, Amalia Levi, Ricardo Punzalan, and Robert H. Warren. Bridging communities of practice: Emerging technologies for content-centered linking. In Museums and the Web 2014 (MW2014), Baltimore, MD, USA, April 2014.
* Robert H. Warren. Creating specialized ontologies using wikipedia: The muninn experience. In Proceedings of Wikipedia Academy: Research and Free Knowledge. (WPAC2012), Berlin, Germany, June 2012. Wikimedia Deutschland.


Carleton University, Guelph University