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Currently I am an associate professor and history librarian at the University of Colorado Boulder. Through a project to digitize and enhance access to a collection of World War I materials, I became interested in the potential of LOD to increase interoperability and discovery in digital historical collections. In 2011 I spent the fall term at Aalto University in Finland working with the Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) on a World War I LOD project; our work is ongoing. The geospatial-temporal aspect is particularly appealing to me, an interest that springs in large part from my previous work as a geospatial information librarian at the University of Michigan. I hold an MLIS and a PhD in History, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Interest in LODLAM

Our group is interested in collaborating with other LAMs, institutions, projects or individuals interested in improving discoverability, access and context for historical information and materials related to World War I and/or in a Linked Open Data approach for historical materials more generally. Given the growing public and academic interest in the War due to the approaching centenary, LAMs' own interest in making their materials more widely available to users, and the increasing attention to LOD, World War I could very well become one of the first cases where contributors worldwide are growing the LOD cloud in the area of cultural heritage around a particular topic or event. Also we would be interested in discussing common issues encountered in this process to identify how we can prioritize and collectively contribute to solutions, e.g., the lack of existing ontologies on which to draw, a really good MARC to RDF conversion tool, building new and exciting user interfaces, licensing and rights, and convincing stakeholders of various sorts (from data contributors to administrators) of the merit of the LOD approach.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I am currently involved in a World War I LOD project with partners at Aalto University, Finland. A brief summary and related talks and papers are available at: The test bed of sources upon which the project was based were largely published during the war years (1914-1918) in the U.S. and abroad and was digitized from the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries' collections. Thus I became actively involved in the policy side of the project given the complicated copyright situation for pre-1923 foreign works outside of the U.S. and the international nature of our project partnership. Further, several other scholars, projects and LAMs have contributed or are thinking of contributing data to the project, so we continue to deal with issues of licensing and use around that data.


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