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I am a technologist, a researcher, entrepreneur and organizer.
My web startup Trudat is building next-generation web-based tools for collaborative data analytics. The goal is to allow people to host data, discover data, explore the data using an intuitive visual dasboard, and do all of the above using collaborative tools inspired by social networks. Linked open data is an important part of the technology roadmap.
I am an open data advocate. Recently organized Open Data Exchange conference in montreal (odx13.com), participated in open data round table organized by minister Clement, Treasury Board of Canada.
My background is as a researcher in cognitive science. I have built data portals for academia, and published original research (see links below).
I am a social scientist collaborating with an organization in Nunavut: recordings of traditional Inuit music, archival research at LAC and Museum of Civilization.

Interest in LODLAM

I would be most interested in working with existing institutional archivists to learn about the issues they are facing, and brainstorm about what long-term solutions there are.
I think my strengths at LODLAM would be my technical and interface design (UX) background. Usability is an important concern that is often overlooked. I would be interested to work in a team, learn from other participants, and contribute ideas from my own skillset. "




For-Profit, Other NGO or Non-Profit, Research

Linked Open Data Projects

The great promise of LOD is enormous gains in interoperability between disparate data sets. As a technologist, my interest is in building the tools and platforms that will fulfill this promise. Specifically, my startup Trudat is building a system that will create RDF representation from any data set added by a user, and leverage machine reasoning to build features around the data.

Here are a number of activities that attest to my contributions to this field:
trudat.co – Data collaboration startup
odx13.com – Open data exchange conference, April 6, 2013. Featured talks on LOD.
spenditures.ca – Open data visualization of Canadian federal budget
http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ted_Strauss/publications/ – my publications
odx.io – Open data forum (very new)
http://www.meetup.com/MontrealSemanticWebMeetup/events/105885172/ – a presentation I gave on LOD