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Tanya Wolkenberg has managed digital history and education projects for Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Council, including the award winning Vic-Heritage app. She is currently the Senior Program Manager for Culture Victoria, an online portal which collects and shares stories and collection information from galleries, libraries, historical societies and museums across Victoria.




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Linked Open Data Projects

Although I was not on board yet, in 2013 Culture Victoria worked with Tim Sherritt on Linking History in Place. This was an experimental pilot project that aimed to aggregate collection items relating to a selected group of people commemorated through Canberra place names, and expose the results both through a web application and as Linked Data.
The pilot brought together the activities of The Centenary of Canberra’s Portrait of a Nation, the Victorian Cultural Network linked open data capacity building program, and the History In Place project, with the aim of increasing community engagement with Australia’s history – particularly as it relates to our national capital – and increasing access to archival material via Linked Data.


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