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Simon Chaplin


Short Bio

Before taking up his current role in November 2014 (Director of Culture and Scoety at the Wellcome Trust), Simon was Head of the Wellcome Library, where he led a highly successful digitisation programme and an exciting redesign of the Library's public spaces. He originally studied zoology before his interest in the history of science and medicine led him to join the Science Museum, where he worked on the Wellcome medical collections and managed the PRISM Grant Fund for preservation of industrial and scientific material. Prior to joining the Trust, Simon was Director of Museums and Special Collections at the Royal College of Surgeons, where he led the curatorial team responsible for the redevelopment of the Hunterian Museum. His academic research interests include the history of anatomy and medical museums.


United Kingdom


Library, Archive, Museum, Humanities, Science, Academic, Research

Linked Open Data Projects

The Wellcome Library is a sponsor of LODLAM 2015. We are currently developing a project to expose our library and archive catalogues as Linked Open Data. The Wellcome Library has an ongoing digitisation programme, including coordination of the UK Medical Heritage Library, a partnership between nine libraries and the Internet Archive. The Library’s parent body, the Wellcome Trust, has been a leading advocate of open access/open data.


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