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Silvia Southwick

Short Bio

Silvia Southwick received her MSLIS and Ph.D. from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. Her scholarly interests are generally in the area of digital library development. Topics of specific interest include metadata management, digital library technologies, and linked data. She worked as assistant professor for the MLS program at the University of Buffalo and currently is the Digital Collections Metadata Librarian at UNLV University Libraries.

Interest in LODLAM

I would like to hear about experiences from other projects and discuss some issues such as data models. Are there any other organizations besides the Europeana providers adopting the EDM data model? Are there any other models that are being adopted? Also, I would like to hear about technologies being used for data transformation. In particular, I am interested in OpenRefine.

Another important issue for our project is to identify individuals or organizations with whom we might collaborate.


United States


Library, Academic

Linked Open Data Projects

Study Group on Linked Data at the UNLV Libraries

UNLV Libraries Linked Data Project — This project has two main goals: (1) study the feasibility of developing a common process that would allow the conversion of our digital collection records into linked data preserving their original expressivity and richness; (2) publish a sample of data from our collections in the Linked Open Data Cloud to improve discoverability and connections with other related data sets on the Web.

Presenter: "Linked Data Demystified: Practical Efforts to Transform CONTENTdm Metadata into Linked Data", Virtual OCLC CONTENTdm User Group, November 7, 2012.

Poster accepted for the ACRL 213 (April) titled "Transforming Digital Collections into Linked Data: The Rise of Missing Links"


University of Nevada, Las Vegas