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I am a Senior Software Engineer and Data Scientist at the MIT Libraries, working on various projects to leverage existing library data, increase data exhaust, and open library holdings to the world.

I am particularly interested in the benefits to be gained by libraries integrating into the data environment of the community they serve. I don't believe that there is a clear identity for libraries and librarians in the coming decades, and I see deep ties to community resources as a strong pathway to relevancy. Linked Open Data provides an excellent framework for this, and I am excited about the new innovations (social, and other) that will be built on top of it.

Interest in LODLAM

I would like to attend in order to interact with a variety of other organizations working in this space, as the more diverse the community working to link data, the more fruitful the endeavor will be. I would also very much like to help advance discussions on standards in the LODLAM community, as we frequently hold similar data, and come up against similar challenges. I would also like to participate in discussions of how best to advocate for opening and linking data, so that LAM can be at the center of the broader LOD movement and help realize new roles and responsibilities, particularly in the library community.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I am currently preparing a linked open data community-building program and hack-a-thon in January 2013 at MIT (also involving members of the Harvard community). (More information here: The goal is to bring together practitioners, data owners, visualizers, etc. from the MIT community to build a campus-wide graph, allowing everyone in the community (and beyond) to leverage the connections and data that already exist here. We will attempt to kick-start this community graph by publishing linked open data at the MIT Libraries as a starting point for individuals and organizations to start linking to. (Of course things get even more interesting once the links start extending to other universities.)

I also work with data owners on campus, as well as the MIT Data Warehouse, to negotiate access to data for MIT Libraries projects, advocating for reuse and openness.


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