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I am a Project Manager and Community Coordinator at the Open Knowledge Foundation with a background in philosophy and intellectual history.

I am Coordinator of the Open Knowledge Foundation's open culture activities, leader of our Open GLAM initiative and project manager for the OKFN's work on the Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana ( project an EU initiative to build open source linked open data tools for the annotation of digital metadata and content in Europeana.

Interest in LODLAM

Reasons for wanting to attend the summit are two-fold:

1. To showcase the open-source Linked Data tools that are being developed as part of DM2E for annotating and linking cultural data sourced from GLAMs

2. To present the work of Open GLAM and engage members of the LODLAM community in the network, sharing the use cases we have collected through our work in Europe and spotting synergies and areas where the two communities could collaborate better to further our shared goals. We would also like to discuss ways to engage the LODLAM community in the next OKFestival that will be taking place in July in Geneva.


Consortia and Networks, Other NGO or Non-Profit

Linked Open Data Projects

The two main projects that are relevant to LODLAM that I would represent and present on are:

A project dedicated to building tools for the alignment of metadata standards for Linked Open Cultural Data in Europeana and for building open source semantic annotation tools for use within the Digital Humanities.

Open GLAM is an initiative led by the Open Knowledge Foundation and functions as a network of individuals and organisations working to open up more cultural heritage data. The initiative organised the Open Cultural Heritage Stream at OKFestival (the Open Knowledge Foundation's annual open knowledge conference) in Helsinki in September. Open GLAM also helps to fund the Public Domain Review (, runs workshops addressing the technical and legal challenges to opening up and linking cultural data with GLAMs and produces documentation to assist GLAMs in their efforts to open up. It's mailing list currently engages a broad range of stakeholders in the open culture movement, focussing up until now mainly on Europe, and is a place to discussion opportunities for policy reform, case studies and new open source technologies for working with open cultural data.


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