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Short Bio

I am an academic librarian at York University and currently hold the W.P. Scott Chair in E-Librarianship, this is a research-intensive position. I hold a continuing appointment and have held the positions of Digital Humanities librarian (secondment) and Music Cataloguer. I work in the areas of music, metadata and digital humanities and am also working on a PhD in Humanities where I am applying information theory and critical theory to music (love songs as information.)

Interest in LODLAM

I attended LODLAM 2015 in Sydney and I loved it. It was inspiring and fuelled subsequent activities. For example LODLAM Toronto was cooked up during LODLAM 2015 and organized along with fellow LODLAM 2015 Canadian participant Dan Scott.

I am continuing to work with Dan on Wikidata developments. I am hoping to connect with others working in Wikidata at LODLAM 2017. I am also interested in developing education/training programs on a small or distributed scale as this is a huge gap in Canada and would like to hear what others are doing.





Linked Open Data Projects

Music and Linked Data Project focused on the Mariposa Folk Festival. This project is focused on not only producing data (in development) but also studying the issues involved in data modelling and conceptual mapping. The use cases are specifically tied to the idea of music scenes and folk music.

-Dataset development. Data has been pulled from programs for 10 years of the Festival, a data model developed and I am currently working on ontology development with Protege. Hopefully the LOD data will be published this spring.

-Project has led to the development of a Canada-wide Wikipedia/Wikidata project specifically focused on creating structured content for reuse in LD projects. This project has received funding from the Wikimedia Foundation and the York U. Canada 150 fund. Outcomes include Wikidata training materials for librarians, archivists and others in the GLAM community, a workshop in May 2017 for librarians and scholars on creating structured data using Wikimedia tools and a pan-Canadian editing event in Oct. 2017. This activity came as a result of analysis of data for the Mariposa Festival project (i.e. very little data in Wikipedia, limited data in VAIF, etc.)
More here:

-Very interested in looking at Wikidata as a possible source for identifiers/knowledge base creation for entities that fall outside the usual library spaces (for example traditional -musicians who do not "publish" anything, archival materials, etc.)
Past Projects and :
-Organized and ran LODLAM Toronto 2016. Focused primarily on education and community development and had 85 (capped) from across Canada.
-Numerous presentations:

I have experience in metadata creation, education and training, community organization, working with across GLAM institutions.


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