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Rowan works for Intersect and the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), currently involved in a project developing vocabulary services at ANDS. He is also working on the ANDS National Collections Program and previously worked on a range of ANDS and Intersect projects at The University of Sydney.

Interest in LODLAM

I would like to attend the summit, so I can talk to people about the work I've been doing, and learn about other linked data projects, to develop ideas (and promulgate them) as approaches to providing digital collections online. Those approaches may provide data as a service and use other data services to present digital collections online. Linked data and linked open data is potentially a key part of digital library work in universities: research data that has been collected and needs to be presented as a research resource online, and use the appropriate tools and methods to do so, and this includes linked data. I would like to be in a session that talks about the presentation of research data as linked data, or perhaps help facilitate one.




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