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Since July 2009: Curator at the French national Library (BnF), head of the BnF's Linked Open Dat aproject ( working as a metadata expert at the Bibliographical and Digital Technology Information Department (IBN).
Graduated from the Ecole nationale des Chartes(ENC, degree in Archives management), from the French national Library school (ENSSIB, degree of state chief librarian), and from Paris 1(Panthéon-Sorbonne, Master's degree in history).
Among other short-term tasks:
Archival descriptions for the French National Archives (AN, Paris, 2004 and 2005), Curation of an antique weapon collection (Clermont-Ferrand, 2006), Cataloguing of Jean-Martin Charcot's collection of rare books (UPMC, Paris, 2007), Record management for the Public Transport services of Paris (RATP, 2007) General tasks in a public library (Cité des sciences, Paris, 2008), work on the TEL application profile (The European Library, The Hague, 2009).

Interest in LODLAM

- We gather data from several formats: MARC (catalogue and authority file), EAD (archives and manuscript), and OAI-DC (digital library). This is a pressing issue for us: we want to make something that is both efficient internally, and possible to reuse.
– Because we publish HTML pages from the LOD-compliant data, we come to a paradox: should we focus on end-user-oriented data, so has to provide the best service, or on resources that are useful for data consumers?
– Because we mainly display French-speaking resources, we need to address the issue of integration in a broader environment, which is technically possible by using Web standards, but still controversial on the business side in terms of re-use out of library communities. This needs to be addressed and worked out, whith events such as the LODLAM.



Linked Open Data Projects

The Bibliothèque nationale de France has designed a new project in order to make its data more useful on the Web. This "" project has been online for more than a year.
Our project is to gather data from our different databases (library catalogues, archives and manuscripts, digital library, Web archives), so as to create Web pages about Works and Authors, together with a RDF view on the extracted data.This involves transforming existing data, enriching and interlinking the dataset with internal and external resources, and publishing HTML pages.
The raw data is also be accessible in RDF following the principles of linked data, and downoadable for free with an open licence.
Our purpose is to build HTML pages from this data (about major authors and Works) so that the benefits can immediately be seen.
For mor information on the data models and technical choices: .
Short Papers available in English :
– « Linked Open Data for new library services : the example of . In : Italian Journal of Library and Information Science, june 2012
– SIMON Agnès. WENZ Romain. « FRBR and Linked Data at the French National Library ». In : Scatnews, p.3-4, november 2011


BnF (French national Lilbrary)