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Dave Riordan is the Product Manager of NYPL Labs, a digital skunkworks unit embedded within The New York Public Library which prototypes and develops new research experiences within the humanities built atop The Library’s collections. Prior to joining The Library, Dave ran a new media consultancy, helped launch one of the first iPhone ad networks and analytics providers, and co-founded a legal technology firm dedicated to helping create a world without lawyers. In his spare time he works on robotics policy issues.

Interest in LODLAM

LOD is awesome. We know that. But we need awesome demos of what that LOD can do to prove to the rest of the world its value.

Paging Evan Sandhaus – where's ""See Also""?

We need really catchy, compelling, nonboring, immediately useful ""holy shit""-inducing examples of linked open data having an impact free of our maddening RDF-informed buzzwords and jargon.

There's enough LOD from us LAMs out there to prove the point, but it's GOT to be proven and soon so the theoretical becomes the practical and canonical examples of its awesome power are part of our administrators and funders vocabularies and priorities.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I'm a copylefty policy refugee in the library so I come armed with an internet-lawyer's knowledge (rather lack thereof) of copyright/licensing.

I'm also quasi-involved (I know about) several linked data initiatives at NYPL, including the awesome Linked NYC history (know about), NYC Chronology of Place (a linked open data historical gazetteer – coordinating it).

We've got a bunch of open data at NYPL that we don't advertise and a bunch of data that should be open but isn't.

I'm also involved in exposing open civic data in NYC.