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I am a Systems Librarian for Electronic Resources and Assessments at Michigan State University. My main responsibilities include supporting the design and access organization of library materials as well as support in technical and access issues related to electronic services and resources including purchased databases, the online catalog, and other digital resources. I also serve as subject librarian for the library & information science collections and the museum studies program at MSU.

Interest in LODLAM

We have quite a number of digital collections but we have no means make them as open datasets yet. We're been having discussions with our faculty, especially those who are involved in the digital humanities, about what they need and would like to see what we can do with our digital collection for their research needs. By coming to the Summit, I'd like to learn more what other institutions are doing and gather as much ideas as possible to bring back to my institution.



Linked Open Data Projects

I have not yet involved in any Linked Open Data project. This is going to be something brand new for my institution.


Michigan State University