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I work for a small italian company named Net7 (, which traditionally focuses his business in the Digital Humanities field.

During years of experience with RDF and semantic technology, we developed various tools and solutions for the digital publishing of content, which culminates at the moment in our brand new tool named Pundit (, a web-based semantic annotator.


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Linked Open Data Projects

We participated (and participate) in various European commission-funded projects and work with various academic partners in Italy and Europe. To name a few projects we are involved in:

Semlib semantic tools for digital libraries, just finished (, which mainly produced two tools: a semantic annotation system and a semantic recommendation system.

Agora. Scholarly Open Access Research in European Philosophy, until 31/12/2013 (, which aims to improve the spread of European research results in the field of European philosophy and advance new paradigms of Open Access publishing. An example:

EUROCORR The European Correspondence to Jacob Burckhardt, until 31/05/2014 ( which aims to map and publish in a critical edition the extensive correspondence of European intellectuals with the Swiss cultural historian Jacob Burckhardt, from 1842 to 1897.

DM2E Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana, until 31/01/2015 (, which aims to technically enable as many content providers as possible to integrate their content into Europeana.