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I work at Stanford University in the Digital Library Systems and Services group as a Product Manager and engineer on building a digital library with materials from the Revs Institute. I’ve also recently worked on various projects with Visionlearning, the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, MA, Harvard University, and the Advent of Complex Life NASA Astrobiology team. I worked for several years on the Encyclopedia of Life project, and have previously worked as a software engineer, project manager, high school teacher, and NASA researcher.

I enjoy hiking, biking, and flying small planes. My professional interests lie in how the science community can become better connected with the public through improved public outreach and education. Since most funding is from public sources, the science community has a large vested interest in engaging in this type of activity. And since the future of our planet depends on appropriate uses of science and technology, the public needs to be informed and become a greater part of the process.

Interest in LODLAM

As the Revs Digital Library and other digital collections sites at Stanford Library continue to be brought online, I'm interested in learning how we can make this content more useful to researchers and the community at large. We want to move beyond visual presentation and ensure the data is interlinked and available via APIs. We want to be sure the work we do leverages existing tools and techniques and fits in for maximum interoperability.


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Linked Open Data Projects

The most relevant projects at Stanford Library are:
1. Digital collection sites such as The Revs Digital Library (, the French Revolution Digital Archive ( and the Bassi-Veratti Collection ( Note that currently only the latter is publicly visible. Each of these sites expose data via a visual website, usually images with metadata, but sometimes OCRed text and other relevant cited links.
2. SearchWorks ( is on the online catalog for Stanford Library and includes all physical holdings, as well as special collections and now digital assets as well.
3. The online Stanford Digital Repository ( is a self deposit web interface into Stanford's digital asset management system. It is being used by researchers for data set deposit, and includes extensive metadata and rights management features.

Each of these projects needs to understand and expose its metadata in a manner than can be utilized by other projects (both internally at Stanford and externally as rights allow). I work with each project in some form, usually in an engineering capacity and sometimes in a product management role.


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