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I have a bachelor degreee in politiical science and and a master in public administration, both with a specialization in democratic institutions. I was very interest in open data and open governement since the beggining fo the Quebec governemental consultation about open gouvernement.

Since then, I was hire to work on the project at the Quebec Treasury Board. Presently, i'm working on the web site données.gouv.qc.ca, on a data's disclosure plan and on a collaborative plateform for all civil servants of Québec.

Interest in LODLAM

This Summit is an opportunity for us since it's an activity of knowledge sharing which, currently, is something we need. Our project will benfeit from th input of this Summit. Also, we are very opn to collaborate and share our knowledge.

Our pirncipale concern is the integration of the linked data concept in our project of open data and open government (how to achieve linked data, who must be involve, what will be the benefits)


Government (incl National and State libraries and archives)

Linked Open Data Projects

At this moment, we haven'r work directly on linked data. Nonetheless, we consider linked data an opportunity that can't be ignored. We are very intrest on the development and for applications with linked data


Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Québec