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The overall philosophical question that I have about linked open data: what are the essentially human tasks that should not be fully automated? I believe that deciding what piece of data, information and/or knowledge is relevant, valuable, and/or true are examples of such tasks. To what extent do we want our content to be written and […] View



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Tomasz Neugebauer is a Digital Projects & Systems Development Librarian at Concordia University Libraries and the editor of He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Computer Science and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University. His professional experience includes digital media publishing and software development. As an e-Artexte Researcher in Residence, he helped with the launch of e-Artexte and researched the applicability of the open access model of publishing and self-archiving to artists and scholars working in the fine arts.

Interest in LODLAM

My current research focuses on information visualization in various disciplines, including fine arts and biology. My interest in attending the Summit is to network with researchers who are working with information visualization in particular. Furthermore, I am interested in learning about standards and technologies for metadata exchange for visual arts documentation.




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Linked Open Data Projects

I am involved in the development of Spectrum: Concordia University Research Repository (http://spectrum.library. and e-artexte (

Some of my recent publications/presentations:

Museums and the Web 2013

Timeline Visualization: Photography Exhibition Catalogues in Artexte Collection (1960-2012).


Neugebauer, T., MacDonald, C., Tayler F. Artexte metadata conversion to EPrints: adaptation of digital repository software to visual and media arts documentation. International Journal on Digital Libraries. Volume 11, Number 4, 263-277, 2012. DOI: 10.1007/s00799-011-0077-5

Neugebauer, T., Han, B. Batch Ingesting into EPrints Digital Repository Software. Information Technology and Libraries . March 2012. Volume 31, Issue 1 DOI: 10.6017/ital.v31i1.1861


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