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My academic background is in music which will always be a strong interest. After completing my PhD in Medieval music theory, I received my MLS from UC Berkeley the following year and have worked in libraries ever since with a stint at HighWire Press as Knowledge System Developer (automated, taxonomic analysis of journal literature).

I am currently the Head of the Metadata Department for the Stanford University Libraries and Chair of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. After having taken part in the Stanford Linked Data Workshop in the summer of 2011, I have become more and more focused on linked data as the means for not only sharing our (meta)data but as the glue through which we can create a new academic knowledge environment.

Interest in LODLAM

My greatest interest is in collaborating with others in the area of identifiers for academic authors but, more broadly, in the shift from a tightly controlled, monolithic authority file based on unique strings to a more automated, distributed network based on linked data principles.


Library, Humanities, Academic

Linked Open Data Projects

My initial LOD projects have been focused on name authorities. The first has been to mimic the automated authority control present in most ILSs in our digital repository. The second (ongoing) is developing an automated exchange of information between the Stanford Authority File (used, among other things, to generate stable URIs for Stanford faculty and graduate students) and VIAF, eventually including the creation of new headings in the case where there is no match between the two.

At present, we are creating a triple store of all our bibliographic records converted to the new BIBFRAME model. We hope to make this available later this spring.


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