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I'm currently Digital Applications Librarian at Oregon State University, working on digital curation, scholarly publication, and related metadata and software issues. I'm a library hacker, and resident open data/biblio/science guy at OSU Library's Center for Digital Scholarship and Services. I maintain OSU's ScholarsArchive institutional repository and work with our cataloging, digital production unit, and special collections and archives. I am charged with building services around our data and have been actively pursuing LOD in support of that goal.

Interest in LODLAM

I'm interested in attending to seek out potential opportunities for linking to outside datasets. Our work so far has focused on unique resources and intellectual output specific to OSU; we want to have discussions about where our 'uniqueness' overlaps with what others are doing.

I'm looking to develop a community around Linked Open theses and dissertations. We would like to help clarify best practices in this space so more institutions can publish thesis data.

I'm also interested in instigating a broader discussion about what distributed metadata assertions look like in the "authority" space and what trust should look like for libraries.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I have established a LOD initiative at Oregon State University ( The initial project is an experimental dataset covering our theses and dissertations and we are working on building services on top of that data. We are also working on implementing SKOS as a 'name authority' system for our institutional repository and using LOD to track the output of scholars at OSU.

Datasets for theses and dissertations and name authority are published (though not totally stable). We are looking for sources of collaboration–likely points for linking–and have some interest in publishing other catalog data.

Lastly, I am involved in a collaboration with the University of Oregon to migrate our (special collections & archives) collections to RDF.

I've published on our thesis and dissertation work (, presented on linked data library catalogs at Code4Lib 2012 and am speaking on that topic again at a NISO webinar in November. I also developed a tool for editing 'name authority' datasets in SKOS/FOAF (


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