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Michael Lenczner is a Montreal-based entrepreneur who works in both the for- and non-profit sectors. Michael co-founded Ile Sans Fil, CivicAccess.ca, Montréal Ouvert, serves on the board of several non-profits, and is a frequent partner in academic research projects. He likes strategic planning, developing online strategies, organizational development and intersectoral research collaborations. He also speaks and writes about technology and citizen involvement.

He is currently the CEO of a new web-based funder and grant research service for Canadian non profit organizations – Ajah.

Interest in LODLAM

I've done a lot of syndicated, place-based content promotion through a wireless group that I started in 2003 called Ile sans fil. We have over 300, 000 users at over 275 hotspots around the city of Montreal. We recently gained a contract to manage Montreal's library wireless networks. Since we have portal pages which display location-based information, I'm hoping to explore with the other participants how we could use geo-coded and linked information on the portal pages to enrich the library experience.

Also, as part of Montreal Ouvert, I'm helping to organize a hackathon against corruption. It involved tieing together several gov't databases including company fines, political donation records, accorded government contracts, and federal and provincial business registries. I would like to think more about how we can employ linked data to achieve the desired results from that project.



Linked Open Data Projects

I've been working on open and syndicable government data since 2005. I co-founded CivicAccess which is the first forum devoted to open data in Canada and I co-founded a lobbying group in my city in 2010. We achieved our goals of having our city and then our province adopt open data policies within 32 months, after many meetings with different stakeholders.

The company I started in 2009 is based on open data. We consolidate different government spending records in order to offer a service to non-profits. I've been following the Publish What You Pay and Open Spending projects very closely.

Technically I'm not a developer but I stay close to developing tech in this area, mainly open source projects and developing standards. Examples are Google Refine, hGrants, IATI, Open Corporates, ScraperWiki, Freebase, etc.


Ajah / Montreal Ouvert