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I'm a librarian [Graduate Diploma in Information Services, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland] who has worked at the State Library of Queensland from 1989 onwards, in quite a few roles – public librarianship [adult literacy, library services to rural and regional, to prison inmates], reference & research services and for the last 20 years in technology areas [I made the move by writing the State library's first web site in 1995 and my latest job is system administration/management of the library's digital asset management system.]

I've given presentations in a work capacity [Information Online, Sydney 2009 “Queensland memory outreach – creating online public access to Queensland's cultural heritage resources”; IGELU 2010 ] and in a private capacity [with the Australian Garden History Society; the Woodford Folk Festival 2013 "Spying, prying, FOI-ing"]

I like working at the nexus of metadata/digital object/ technology/discovery/public/private.




Library, Archive, Other NGO or Non-Profit

Linked Open Data Projects

As part of State Library of Queensland's Library Applications / ICT team, I'm part of teams that deliver data sets to the gov portal, and was responsible for the project of transforming/enhancing/enriching the library's photographic image data to validating Dublin Core xml in the migration to SLQ's digital asset management system. I did the technical work to enable the download of tiff images for out-of-copyright images and am part of the team that delivers on the library's LOD initiatives, the latest being the exchange of data with National Archives to our client's mutual benefit. This delivers an SLQ WW1 soldier's portrait with serivice details and full name from the NAA see for an example of what an SLQ client now sees.

My own project is a small trial aimed at linking the Qld Heritage Register [gov data xml set] with archival recordings, exported via OAI [still under development]


State Library of Queensland