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Mark is the founder of figshare, an open data tool that allows researchers to publish all of their data in a citable, searchable and sharable manner. He’s fresh out of of academia, having just completed his PhD in stem cell biology at Imperial College London, having previously studied genetics in both Newcastle and Leeds. He is passionate about open science and the potential it has to revolutionise the research community.

Interest in LODLAM

I think the power of making research outputs available online comes when it is linked. By grouping the separate silos of research data and allowing academica to build on top of the corpus of existing knowledge, the discovery process and efficiency of academia can be greatly increased. As we're getting the data available, I'd like to discuss and learn the best practices for moving forward with figshare.


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Linked Open Data Projects

figshare has made thousands or research objects available under creative commons CC-BY or CC0 since it's launch in January. All data has associated metadata through which the objects can be filteres. We have an open api from which anyone can pull data based on specific parameters and the associated impact metrics.

An introduction to figshare and the way we are looking to disruptively disseminate research outputs can be seen here: