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Due to a reorganization, I’m now the acting director of my department. I also have just hired a metadata librarian, who will be responsible for overseeing faculty deposits into our repository, and developing APs for digital projects. View




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I'm the Head of Central Technical Services for Rutgers University Libraries. My unit creates metadata for digital projects that run the gamut of big data to digital humanities to local NJ history. Our metadata is a combination of MODS, METS, Premis and local elements.

My unit also provides MARC metadata applying RDA standards for the libraries' resources in all formats (print, digital, streaming, etc.). We are discussing BIBRAME implementation and how to adapt our metadata to enable this

Interest in LODLAM

I would like to expose my institution's resources on the Web since the online catalog is only one means to access our analog resources, and isn't used widely by anyone, including our students and faculty. I would like for these resources, and those from our digital repository, to be visible and accessible to others, including from search engines that users typically use to launch searches.

I'm also interested in ontology development for my institution's digital resources and projects and would benefit from learning about work done by other LODLAM delegates.

Lastly, I'm interested in implementing identifiers such as ORCID or ISNI to locally created name headings, particularly to disambiguate them from similar headings.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I'm currently part of an National Science Foundation collaborative grant between Rutgers, Temple University, and Penn State University entitled "The Virtual Data Collaboratory". participating in an NSF grant entitled the Virtual Data Collaboratory (VDC). The grant will build a regional science research data infrastructure to store, make accessible and promote reuse of research data that will enable science and engineering innovation. The libraries’ role is to design and prototype the VDC discovery service and data network that will facilitate access to data, researchers, tools, and research publications, focusing specifically on interdisciplinary research. The primary goal s to encourage reuse of data by making the critical context immediately apparent (who created the research product, what they created, and how the product can be used).

My department has worked with Rutgers' School of Environmental and Biological Sciences on the Oceanographic Observatories Initiative (OOI), on creating metadata for its portal. The metadata is for equipment, including sensors and spectrometers, and documents location of the equipment, data lifecycle events, rights metadata, and file downloads for this information.

I also developed metadata for Rutgers' Ernst Badian Collection of Roman Republican Coins. This collection consists of 1, 200 items and reflects the use of coinage in Roman and captures the political climate of the times.


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