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I am a software developer, and I have worked in many fields, including natural language, data visualization, and more recently argumentation representation. I am interested in the often complex relationship between formal abstractions and pre-formal human concepts.

Interest in LODLAM

I am interested in knowledge representation in general, and linked data in particular. I am working on projects of linked metadata for learning resources, which are a specific instance of linked metadata repositories in general.



Linked Open Data Projects

I am a long-time developer, and I have once worked on a project involving visualization of taxonomies for classification purposes. (Cheops project.)
I am now working, in an advisory role, on education resource repositories, with a strong linked metadata angle. I have played an advisory role in the early stages of project comet:
I am also contributing indirectly to the ISO/IEC 19788 standard: Metadata for learning resources. In particular, I have developed a LOM to MLR converter.