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I'm a systems librarian & programmer with more than ten years experience implementing, integrating, and managing information systems in a large university library. I served 10 years as the Head of Systems for Memorial University Libraries, and one year as Acting Associate University Librarian for IT. In my current position as Scholarly Communications Librarian I'm responsible for several university-wide Open Access publishing initiatives including the Eprints Research Repository and Open Journal Systems. I've been reading and writing about the semantic web and linked data for more than five years. I've recently returned from a sabbatical wherein I pursued an MA in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta, and there became involved in CWRC, a large Digital Humanities project that aims to implement linked data as part of a literary studies research environment.

Interest in LODLAM

LOD/LAM is a fantastic opportunity to talk with others who are currently implementing linked data about our shared challenges and opportunities. I'm very interested in hearing about the progress of other linked data projects in the LAM environment. Our project faces a number of challenges in ontology development, versioning, and long term sustainability, and I'd love to get some advice in these areas. I'm particularly interested in tools that leverage linked data to perform new kinds of search and discovery – especially research related to the experience of serendipity in library browsing interfaces. I intend to share what I learn at LOD/LAM with other Canadian university libraries via publication, speaking engagements, and through my professional networks.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I'm currently helping to implement linked data in the Canadian Research Writing Collaboratory (, a large digital humanities project funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. We are developing an online text editor that permits scholars to perform semantic markup in an intuitive and familiar environment. The RDF that we publish, share, and harvest from others will underpin the development of new search and discovery tools customized for humanities researcher. We plan to publish our source code and RDF data in open, reusable formats. I have previously published peer-reviewed articles on linked data in OA journals First Monday (2010) and D-LIB (2010), and I have a submission currently under consideration with Digital Humanities Quarterly. I have given a number of papers on linked data at library tech conferences, including Access 2012, HUCON 2012, Computers in Libraries 2011, and the Atlantic Provinces Library Association 2009. I was also on the steering committee of the 2010 LOD/LAM summit. Open Access/Open Data are associated research interests. I have done many presentations on these topics for faculty at my own university, as well as presentations for the Canadian Library Association (2010), and at EDGE 2010, an international education conference. My major current challenge is to finish my thesis which is entitled "The Case for Linked Data in the Humanities".


Memorial University of Newfoundland