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Short Bio

Background in technology focused on data, repositories, and search. Currently prototyping various LOD projects at Yale University. Consultant for Research Space LOD system. In addition mentoring students on interconnecting LOD repositories. Prior background at University of Chicago (Research, 3D), Industrial Television Services (Flight Information Systems), St. Luke Medical Center (Healthcare).

Interest in LODLAM

Would like to discuss federation, interconnecting repositories, access to tools and building out applications. I would like to present on current developments and issues. Yale has been working on linked data for past 14 months and we are taking approach of linked data being the source and destination of collaborative working environment.


United States


Museum, Academic

Linked Open Data Projects

Linked data work on interconnecting LOD repositories (Yale British Art and British Museum LOD, dbpedia, freebase, europeana). Projects related to Drupal, Web in general, Research Space, Relationship Builder, E-Cards, GIS, etc.

Publications and presentations at: http://britishart.yale.edu/collections/using-collections/technology/upcoming-presentations


Yale University