SungHyuk Kim

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SungHyuk Kim

Short Bio

I am a professor at Sookmyung W. University located in Seoul, Korea. I attended the first meeting held at SF on 2011. This year, I was a panelist of LODLAM section at Semantic Technology & Business Conference held at SF on June 3-7, 2012 with Jon and Richard Wallace.

Interest in LODLAM

I would like to know abot migration path going to linked data -based library in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Also, what kinds of tools and vocabulary are they use and how they handle multilingual problems at services. What kinds of relationship between RDA, FRBR and RDF.


South Korea



Linked Open Data Projects

I am involved in the project of National Library of Korea Linked Data which was developed prototype on linked data for subject heading and authority data on the last year. The National Library of Korea is doing the 2nd year project which includs bibliographic data as a linked data. I am a project memeber of the project.


Sookmyung W. University