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I have been working in academic libraries for the past nine years as both a systems librarian and web developer. In that time I have had the opportunity to work both on core library discovery systems and on projects to build exhibitions and discovery portals for special collections. In recent years much of my work has focused on front-end web development that facilitates the integration of library discovery systems with library fulfillment services and other applications such as reference managers that are primary tools for academics. I also work extensively with the Drupal content management system. I’ve also been an active member of the Code4lib regional New York City group for several years as well and am active in regional Drupal user groups as well.

Interest in LODLAM

I am interested in working to improve support for linked data in library discovery and delivery systems. The support for linked data is in it’s infancy in open source platforms and is an afterthought or non-existent in the commercial systems I’ve worked with. Making linked data a meaningful part of this ecosystem will facilitate better integration between applications and will help enhance and augment the results produced by these systems.

I feel that there is a window of opportunity for linked open data to make some meaningful inroads into the new integrated library management systems under development now such as Kuali Ole, Ex Libris Alma, and OCLC Worldshare. It would be good to engage with other colleagues who are also interesting in advocating and experimenting in order to make sure that linked data isn’t left out of this new generation of systems that seek to support core library workflows and applications. I’d also like to attend the summit to learn more specifics about what linked data standards and data sets are most appropriate for implementation scenarios in discovery and delivery systems.


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Linked Open Data Projects

The specific use-case for linked data that I’m planning to focus on in the coming year is seeing how linked data can be used to achieve a better integration between the library’s Drupal based content management system and our commercial discovery systems. Drupal has support for RDFa in the core application and also some fully featured modules that support microdata [] and []. I think this support can be used facilitate interesting interactions between our front-end web applications and our core base of library and special collections metadata.


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