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Kerry Kilner is the Director of the AustLit resource for Australian literature at the University of Queensland. AustLit is a unique resource mapping the history of Australian cultural engagement with all forms of storytelling. From poetry to film, through novels, drama, life narratives, criticism and performance works, AustLit traces the way Australians have told and thought about stories. Kerry is a Research Fellow in the School of English, Media Studies and Art History active in the development and uptake of Digital Humanities research and teaching practices. As a part of this work she is one of the founders of the Humanities Networked Infrastructure Virtual Laboratory, a multi-institutional collaboration to build a VL based on linked open data. The HuNI VL is currently under development. Kerry has a keen interest in the ways that linked open data and cultural databases are changing the way information is accessed and knowledge is built. She teaches Research Methods in the Digital Age which provides students with the opportunities to engage in both traditional archival based research and contemporary digital humanities activities.

Interest in LODLAM

My interest lies in the intersection of research practice and LODLAM models of access in the cultural sector. My major concern is not so much in the discovery side of LOD, the value of that is a given, but in the ways that researchers and scholars can use linked open data to extend analyse and advance knowledge. Once you create a linked open data repository what happens next? What is the post discovery research process for linked open data? How can scholars use linked open data within the wider research ecology without creating silos of unconnected new data.

I am interested in attending the Summit because of my work with Australian cultural data and my strong desire to ensure that the work we are doing in linked open data, which is increasingly influential in data management practices globally, will produce the dividends for humanities researchers who are increasingly relying on data for their work.

As I will be in Canada at the time of the LODLAM Summit I am keen to attend to have the exposure to international discussions on the matter.


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Linked Open Data Projects

AustLit ( UID: LOD Password: LAM) is a major digital archive of information relating to Australian literary culture. We collaborate with libraries and archives in sharing and linking cultural data. The AustLit database and interface is currently being rebuilt to facilitate Linked Open Data, collaborative sharing and open participation. We are in a major transition phase which will change the way this important research environment looks, behaves and engages with its worldwide audiences.

As Chair of the User Reference Group on the HuNI VL ( I am involved in developing a robust and useful research environment, which is based on LOD, to enable the accessto and use of a range of important cultural datasets including AustLit across many humanities disciplines.

I have extensive experience in developing research projects which are data-driven and produce multiple different scholarly outcomes.


The University of Queensland, Australia