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Kerry Blinco

Short Bio

I'm currently Acting Assistant Director Digital Initiatives at the Northern Territory Library, responsible for digital systems and collections. As well as managing our own collection we work with Indigenous communities to help them create and manage digital keeping places for language, history, culture and record the present as Indigenous culture is alive and well in the NT. The digital keeping place is a single central place for community to collect material about and by the the community, with content and access decided by the community according to local protocol. Previously my focus was on interoperability standards in the library and education sectors.

Interest in LODLAM

Sorry I am not able to attend now due to an unexpected medical problem. Have a really great time!




Library, Humanities, Consortia and Networks

Linked Open Data Projects

I haven't published any Linked Open Data sets but chair an IEEE working group that is publishing a set of ontology based standards and best practices to enable resources packaged using one standard to be interpreted and mapped to a single conceptual model which will then allow the package to be converted to another format with improved semantic precision over previous methods. Formats include MPEG-21DID, METS, IMS CP, ATOM, OAI-ORE. (IEEE stds 1484.13.1-6) .
I have experience in copyright and licensing and am particularly interested in ways of describing not only legal copyright but also Indigenous cultural intellectual property and access management of sorrow, secret and sacred material over time as access conditions are not static for these materials and vary significantly over very small geographic area.


Northern Territory Library