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I am the lead Web Developer for the Smithsonian Libraries and I've been on the internet since 1990 or so. I'm a generalist with a broad understanding of computers and internet technology but I maintain an emphasis on web development and web technologies. Outside of work, I have many analog interests, including LEGO, cooking, travel, photography, and philately.

Interest in LODLAM

We are in the process of rebuilding the Smithsonian Libraries' website in Drupal, which has some offerings for Linked Open Data. Currently we are working to leverage that as much as possible despite its limitations.

My goal for the Summit is to make more connections with people who are doing similar work. I find that I am sort of on the leading edge here at the Smithsonian and I am looking to share and expand my knowledge. I am very interested in learning what others have done, how they are doing it and how to leverage that knowledge for our own work.

My main focus leans towards looking for (or building) techniques and tools for actually linking my data out to other sources since this is something I see as being the greatest challenge to producing a truly linked network of information.




Library, Museum, Government (incl National and State libraries and archives)

Linked Open Data Projects

I have taken the lead on building a site to present the data contained in the Taxonomic Literature II (TL-2) botany reference as Linked Open Data. The current (non-LOD) version can be found on our website: but the data that it contains is well suited to allow the Smithsonian Libraries to be the authority on botanists and their publications. (We have other projects in line, too, this is just one of them.)

I have given one presentation and participated in one panel on LOD in the past year. The first was at the LITA National Forum (St Louis, 2011) in a joint presentation with the Biodiversity Heritage Library on building a Linked Open Data Digital Library.

The panel was at the Special Libraries Association annual conference (Chicago, 2012) on our process and experiences converting TL-2 to LOD. I am planning on presenting again at LITA National Forum in 2012, but it will not be so centered on Linked Open Data.

Slides for both are at:


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