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Strategic Initiatives Manager at Metropolitan New York Library Council. Interested in (and potentially undertaking) a collaborative LOD-LAM project featuring LAMs in NYC and piloting a consortial model for infrastructure, tools, and discovery interfaces for LOD.

Interest in LODLAM

My organization is one of the linking sponsors of the Summit. In addition, the aforementioned pilot project (hopefully underway by the time of the Summit itself) will benefit for the combined knowledge and expertise of Summit attendees.


Library, Archive, Museum, Consortia and Networks, Other NGO or Non-Profit, Academic

Linked Open Data Projects

METRO, along with NYPL, NYU, and other affiliated partners is in the early stages of a LOD-LAM NYC project focusing on New York City history from (roughly) 1870s-1940s and featuring the collections of at least a dozen NYC LAMs. This project will both test a consortial method of building LOD-LAM infrastructure, build tools, guidance, and workshops to help LAMs convert existing data in LOD, and feature a discovery interface demonstrating the power of LOD to link collections for use and research.


Metropolitan New York Library Council