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I have worked in metadata for cultural heritage organizations for the past six years; first as Metadata Librarian at the Penn State University Libraries (2007-2013), and currently as Archival Processing and Digital Content Metadata Librarian at the University of Denver. My interests are in new publishing models for digital cultural heritage materials, and how digitization affects the practice of public history.

Interest in LODLAM

I am interested in talking with other people working on similar content publishing initiatives making use of linked data, to determine if there are any existing tools that would be of use in our bibliography publishing work. I am also interested in any vocabularies or sources of linked data that would be useful for some of the stakeholders outside of librarianship who have expressed interest in our work.

More generally, I am interested in the role linked data can play in public history practice and scholarship, and how different communities preserving cultural heritage can use linked data publishing techniques to better connect their materials and present them for a wider audience.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I am working with librarians at Penn State on new models of publishing for scholarly bibliographies, and how the Web allows them to be more interactive and more linked with other scholarly resources. My primary interest in this project is in the use of linked data to allow scholars to integrate new and existing sources, and bibliographic metadata about those sources, into their bibliographies, and link them to other works. We are hoping to develop publishing tools to make it easier for people developing bibliographies to publish them using established markup standards such as microdata or RDFa, and connect them to the linked data cloud.


University of Denver