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A metadata nerd, #lodlam #digitalhumanities #andsdata spruiker, and GLAM-er enthusiast that works to support data intensive humanities, arts and social science and research data management activity in the Australian university and research sector.

Interest in LODLAM

Resource discovery.. of cultural heritage or research material (whether it's data or information).

Focused on building flexible metadata structures into research support services to provide access to data, compute, virtual labs, using standards for interoperability and domain specific vocabularies.

Interested in sessions linked open vocabularies (LOV) and on use of domain specific vocabularies, interoperability standards, and the role of translation (such a critical part of this equation, and so wildly under recognised).

Would be great to see the data in the GLAM collections in Australia and New Zealand linked…




Research, Cultural heritage (aka GLAM)


Data and technology intensive research interests me (which is why I work for Intersect Australian and the Australian National Data Service). Linked open data (as a method) to support resource discovery *really* interests me… so much so I applied for the 2014 VALA travel scholarship. I'm so very lucky ! they awarded the scholarship to me.. .. and I hope to build up a resource of useful information and learning as a result of that to share at #vala2016


Intersect Australia