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Hideaki Takeda



Short Bio

Hideaki Takeda is a professor in National Institute of Informatics (NII) which serves research in computer science and scholarly information, and the president of Linked Open Data Initiative (LOD), a non-profit organization based in Japan. His main interest is Artificial Intelligence, in particular, Semantic Web.





Linked Open Data Projects

As an academic activity, I have conducted the project called Linked Data in Academia (LODAC). In this project, we collected various kind of academic data and converted and served as Linked Open Data and solved problems found in this process as research tasks. It includes the dataset of exhibition collections of more than 100 museums in Japan and the dataset of resource collections of species.
As a social activity, the NPO organization promotes Linked Open Data and Open data in our society. For example, we maintain DBpedia Japanese as a hub of Linked Open Data in Japan. We also help some government sectors to publish their data as Linked Open Data such as local events and statistical data.


National Institute of Informatics (NII) and Linked Open Data Initiative (LODI)