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Following a 30-year career in IT, Greg returned to Monash to study community informatics and qualified as a librarian. He then went on to complete his Master of Business Information Systems (Honours) degree in archival studies.
Greg is now a doctoral candidate, investigating archival systems interoperability. His research comprises design-science investigations of systems interoperability; conceptual modelling in information informatics; metadata standards-setting; and organisational/social factors in information systems design and implementation. As well as studying, Greg works as a Teaching Associate and Research Assistant at Monash University in the Faculty of Information Technology in the Centre for Organisational and Community Informatics




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The imperative for widespread community discovery of, and access to, distributed and heterogeneous archives has moved beyond the needs of scholarly researchers focussed on individual collections; however metadata modelling and archival systems design have not kept pace. There is a demonstrable disconnect between the demand for twenty-first century networked archival systems, and capability in terms of current metadata modelling and archival systems design.

My research project is investigating the design of a next generation archival system that will address the disconnect between community needs and practice. Such a next-generation design needs to embrace a networked approach to archival informatics and consumer-oriented interoperability as primary design constraints. The key point is that various representations and contextual metadata elements are distributed across a plurality of systems. Instead of discrete, bounded collections of records, from a systemic perspective, the Archive can be considered to consist of a single, global, highly interlinked graph of records and contextual metadata elements. The role of an archival system in this conception is to manage the elements of part of this graph, while interoperating with other systems to provide consistent, controlled, and accountable access to records.

The focus of this research project is to investigate archival system design based on such a networked model.


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