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I have been a systems developer for LINC Tasmania for over 7 years. LINC Tasmania is a merger of the State Library of Tasmania, Tasmanian Archives Office of Tasmania, Adult Education and Tasmanian Communities Online.

My position also provides support and development for and

I have developed some fairly major back end systems that run behind websites like and the ILMS discovery system that bring together lots of different data sets and deliver them with a faceted search.

I have worked on many large projects that bring together data from many different systems and sources. I also work on projects to make our data more open for use by others.




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Linked Open Data Projects

We are currently in the process of changing our discovery system which is drastically changing the way we will be delivering open data. Currently our ILMS discovery system hosts an OAI service that was written in house. This system feeds data in to Trove and Pictures Australia. Our ILMS does contain most of Tasmanian Archives Office of Tasmania's online collection so this data is available via OAI.

We are currently moving to SirsiDynix's Enterprise for our discovery system. We have already created the Tasmanian Names Index using Enterprise which is a collection of 853, 529 names records. Previously this data was 11+ separate databases but this service brings all of this data together in to one search portal.

I am currently working on using Enterprise as a one search solution for the whole of LINC Tasmania. This means there will be a single search portal for all of our resources from library items to archive material to web content on our websites. We plan on using this new global one search as a mechanism to deliver open data. Enterprise it's self doesn't support open data so this is most likely something we will write in house to run alongside Enterprise or as an enhancement to Enterprise.

We are aiming to go live with our global one search on the 1st of July.


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