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Eric Franzon is VP Community at Eric works with companies on strategic partnerships, marketing, communications, web development, SEO, and business process management. Prior to this current gig, Eric was VP of Wilshire Conferences and Semantic Universe, where he worked to raise awareness and explain the usage of Semantic Technologies and Web 3.0 in business and consumer settings.

Eric is frequently called on as a consultant, coach, and trainer around complex technical topics. He is an advisory committee representative with the World Wide Web Consortium and an advisor to Chris Shipley's Guidewire Labs. Eric has also taught improvisational comedy, early childhood museum education, blues harmonica, and gender studies. A Chicago native, he now lives in Los Angeles with his brilliant wife and children who educate him daily.

Interest in LODLAM

I am interested in discussing how Libraries and Museums can continue the exciting progress they have made in recent years in LOD projects. I am interested in Libraries and Museums as models of Knowledge Representation and Organization for other large application areas. I am also interested in the intersection of LOD and other technologies such as assistive technologies.


For-Profit, Consortia and Networks, Press and Community Evangelism

Linked Open Data Projects

I haven't worked on Linked Open Data projects in the Library or Museum arena specifically, but have been involved in LOD projects and regularly give presentations about Semantic Technology topics.

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