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I work as an information manager at the National Library of the Netherlands. The National Library is one of the nodes in the Digital Heritage Network which is a national program aimed at increasing the social value of the collections maintained by the Libraries, Archives and Museums in the Netherlands. For the past years I have been working on this program as contributing to the development of a new cross domain discovery infrastructure for the heritage collections.

Prior to this job I have been one of the lead architects of the National Library Catalogue platform build as one of the services for the national digital infrastructure for the Public Libraries (bibliotheek.nl). I was involved in founding the Dutch DBpedia chapter (http://nl.dbpedia.org/) and currently I am a member of the DBpedia Association Board.

Interest in LODLAM

I am very interested in learning about the experiences with similar projects by colleagues in other countries. The application of Linked Data technology in a cross-domain (LAM) approach for digital heritage on either local, regional or national or sector scale is one my most import interests at this moment. I would like to exchange information and experiences with other delegates. A personal field of interest is the application of distributed web technologies (like IPFS) in relation to Linked Data (see https://discuss.ipfs.io/t/whos-using-ipfs-in-libraries-archives-and-museums/130)




Library, Archive, Museum, Consortia and Networks

Linked Open Data Projects

In the Digital Heritage Network we are working on a new, linked data based approach for discovering, cross-domain digital heritage information. See the white paper 'A distributed network of heritage information' at https://github.com/netwerk-digitaal-erfgoed/general-documentation for more information about our project. We are in the midst o[f the design and documentation process.

At the National Library I have initiated a program for publishing our core metadata as Linked Data. We published our thesauri two years ago (as OAI/XML-RDF) and we preparing to publish a first version of our national bibliography in the coming months.


National Library of the Netherlands