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I’m currently the Content Curator for the Culture Victoria website, and work closely with cultural heritage organisations and museum types.

As an antidote to hours sitting at a desk, I spent several years studying martial arts at the Philippine Institute of Martial Arts, which changed my understanding of the body and movement. Right now, I’m getting the "move-it" fix through acrobatics, doing backsaults, head springs, running and jumping off walls, and other fun stuff.

Interest in LODLAM

We've gone some way to getting a LODLAM project happening here in Victoria and I'd really like to be able to share some of what we're doing (why and how), plus get a stronger idea of how vocabularies work (because we'll need to sort these out in our project). It would be pretty cool to talk to others working across state and federal boundaries too (especially if they're working with place/location data).


Library, Archive, Museum, Humanities, Government (incl National and State libraries and archives)

Linked Open Data Projects

This year I've been mobilising LODLAMers, organising workshops in Melbourne, and working with some of the folks I connect with in the GLAM and government sectors around doing a linked open data project around WWI potentially and place/location here in Victoria, Australia. We've run about three of these and I'm in the middle of organising our fourth. Something will come out of this I'm sure.. We seem to have a good community here in Victoria working collaboratively, I guess the work we do here at Culture Victoria is a good example of this team effort and interest in cultural heritage.


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