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Eero Hyvönen is director of Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities (Heldig) and professor of semantic media technology at the Aalto University, Department of Computer Science where he directs the Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo) specializing on Semantic Web technologies and applications. A major recent theme (2001-) in his research has been development of the national level semantic web infrastructure and its application in different areas. Eero Hyvönen has published nearly 400 research articles and books and has got several international and national awards. He acts in the editorial boards of Semantic Web – Interoperability, Usability, Applicability, Semantic Computing, International Journal of Metadata, Semantics, and Ontologies, and International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems, and has co-chaired and acted in the programme committees of tens of major conferences.

Interest in LODLAM

One topic could be creation and sharing of ontologies of historical events for linked data, with applications, as explained here:

Knowledge extraction from texts would be a topic of interest, too.



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