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I'm currently leading (in a loose sense of the term) the Harvard Library interoperability initiative (which includes libraries, archives, and museums). I am co-dir of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab and a senior researcher at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, I am the author (and co-author in one case) of four books about the Net's effect on ideas, with a special interest in metadata and knowledge.I have been involved in standards efforts since the early 1990s. I have a Ph.D. in philosophy, and have worked in both academics and the tech business world, including in the early days of standards-based document management. I have a long history of writing about science tech, including recent cover stories in Scientific American (on the data commons) and Chronicle of Higher Ed (on Thomas Kuhn). Finally, I apparently insist on beginning every sentence except one with "I."

Interest in LODLAM

The SF LODLAM was very influential on my thinking. Because I am now the cross-disciplinary "leader "of Harvard Library's interoperability initiative – a group of us is currently trying to figure out what exactly the initiative is about – I'm especially eager to both learn and to collaborate.




Library, Research, Not sure how to take "represent" :)

Linked Open Data Projects

The Library Innovation Lab I co-direct at one point made Harvard's catalog available via SPARQL. We have been involved in various ways with multiple Linked Data projects within Harvard and with other institutions. Our Lab implemented the API-based release of Harvard Library's catalog. We also have been designing a platform we call LibraryCloud that will, we hope, make it easier for libraries (not just Harvard's) to make its metadata openly available. We have experimented ( with Dan Brickley) in trying to crosswalk metadata from Web sites to get them semantically associated with catalog information. I am primarily a writer, and have a writerly interest in LOD.


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