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I'm the Manager of the Media Lab, within the Digital Media Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'm very interested in how we can better share our data within our institution, with other institutions, and with the rest of the world. I've been studying the Semantic Web for some time, and have presented on teh topic at various museum conferences. I also attended the CIDOC Conference 2012 in Helsinki, and am excited to see Linked Data receiving more attention from the GLAM sector.

Interest in LODLAM

I'm really interested in seeing what kinds of applications are being developed that leverage the power of LOD, so we can show our institution why this format in particular is so important. I'm also hoping I'll get to spend some time doing some practical coding work of my won.



Linked Open Data Projects

We've participated in a few data-sharing efforts, in particular one project with the Information Sciences Instititute at USC, that involves the integration of data from the American Art collections of several museums. I've presented introductions to the Semantic Web at a few museum conferences. I've also done a bit of work on the Semantic MediaWiki platform, in particular around the integration of data from multiple web services into a triple store.
Institutionally, I'm interested in how we can move to a more open policy regarding our data and images. We're also working individually with curators to open up subsets of our data where we can.


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