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I am an independent software developer with a background in libraries and digital humanities, particularly text encoding.

Interest in LODLAM

I am interested in building software infrastructure for LODLAM projects. I would like to spruik my software and tout the benefits of adopting RESTful designs for LODLAM systems, including the SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store protocol as a conceptual bridge between the traditional "records-based" paradigm of LAM systems, and the graph data structures of the LOD world.




Library, Archive, Humanities, Academic, Research

Linked Open Data Projects

I have been involved in the HuNI project as a developer, and in the Research Data Australia Project, as a developer and as a member of the RIF-CS governance board. I am currently working on the "Digital Daisy Bates" linguistics research project using linked data derived from TEI-encoded manuscript archives. This is in progress at
I am also working on a couple of rather generic metadata processing platforms, including Retailer, a platform for hosting web applications (especially proxies and protocol converters) written in XSLT, and XProc-Z, a platform for XProc-based apps . I intend these projects to serve as platforms for constructing linked data plumbling systems for harvesting metadata from legacy LAM infrastructure, crosswalking it to RDF, populating RDF graph stores, and presenting Linked Data interfaces to consumers.