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I qualified as an archivist in the early 1990s (having previously done a D.Phil. in English Language and Literature), and since 1993 have been at the Wellcome Library in London, the UK's largest resource for the history of medicine. I'm involved in Linked Data from two separate angles, both of which position me to act as an advocate and catalyst for new projects. Within the Library, my role is to supervise generation and exploitation of archive catalogue metadata, including long-term strategic thinking about how our readers' needs and our technical opportunities may change over time. Having overseen our switching from paper catalogues to online database some years ago, I see one of our major challenges now as making the catalogue more user-friendly to a web-native generation, dragging it into the 21st century. Linked Data offers that possibility.
I'm also the chair of the CALM user group, representing users of the UK's most widely-adopted archive catalogue software, in which capacity I've been involved in discussions to incorporate Linked Data functionality within this software, lobbying to ensure that the suppliers stay abreast of developments in this area.

Interest in LODLAM

Linked Data is clearly coming; the Wellcome Library has an opportunity to step up its involvement and put its resources behind its development in the UK. I'm interested in exploring what may already be occurring in our particular discipline of medical history, and what opportunities there may be for collaboration in which we could turn institutional awareness into concrete outcomes. I'm also interested in the scope that there may be for further collaboration between users of the CALM system and its manufacturers to build on the lessons of the Step Change project (see above) and move on to another level.


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Linked Open Data Projects

I've acted as an advocate for Linked Data both within the Wellcome Library and in the wider UK archive community:
– pushing for the Wellcome Library to adopt Linked Data as a means of developing its own catalogues;
– in discussions with the National Archives on the future development of projects run in collaboration with the Wellcome Library, working towards use of Linked Data: for example, recasting the Hospital Records Database ( as Linked Data in its next release;
– as Chair of the CALM User Group, liaising with suppliers on the need to build Linked Data functionality into the system, and recently acting as an advocate for the Step Change project that sought to put this into practical effect (


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