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I am the systems manager at DigitalNZ ( where we try to make New Zealand’s cultural heritage data easier to find, share and use. In my spare time, I tinker about with data visualisation and creative hacking projects. In another life I worked as an informatics scientist managing and visualising New Zealand environmental science data.

Interest in LODLAM

I would like to attend the LODLAM summit to share experiences and learnings with others working with linked open data. I am particularly interested in discussing approaches to crosswalking between authorities held by different institutions, automated and semi-automated methodologies for linking datasets, user interface design and linked data visualisation.



Linked Open Data Projects

DigitalNZ is currently working on a linked data project for representing and linking people, places and cultural heritage objects. This work involves resolving people and place authority files from multiple national institutions and describing them as a linked open dataset. We expect to release this work in 2013.