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Madeleine Lafaille is a Heritage Information Analyst with the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). She has worked within the museum field for the past 30 years. She is a specialist in museum collections documentation and management. Within this area of expertise, she has worked on the development and application of metadata and vocabulary standards for computerized museum collection information. She has implemented programs and supervised numerous projects, as well as taught courses and workshops dealing with the creation and management of digital heritage content.

After completing a B.A. in History and Anthropology, Madeleine Lafaille obtained a Museology Master’s degree at the Université de Montréal. More recently, she has pursued research on knowledge organization systems for museum collections and digital heritage content. This interest extends to the semantic interoperability of online content, as well as the convergence of information between library, archival and museum collections.

Interest in LODLAM

CHIN is currently planning the redevelopment of Artefacts Canada. Phase 1 is now being defined and will probably include renewal of the database structure and user interface, and review of the search/browse features and the contribution process. The team is also outlining phase 2 of the project. Opening the data is part of those discussions, as well as linking to other datasets. CHIN would like to attend the LODLAM Summit and discuss with other participants their past experience and current plans for opening up datasets for re-use. Preliminary considerations include the pros and cons of open data, policy and copyright considerations, and the potential impact for aggregators and for data providers.


Museum, Government (incl National and State libraries and archives)

Linked Open Data Projects

CHIN is investigating how to improve access to cultural heritage data. CHIN is considering the value of opening existing datasets for Canadian museums as well as for potential “re-users”. Among datasets that CHIN aggregates and publishes freely on the Web is Artefacts Canada, a database containing close to 4 million object records and more than 800, 000 images representing humanities collections in Canadian museums. Artefacts Canada Humanities is used by museum professionals, university professors, students and researchers for collections research and cataloguing purposes. The site also attracts increasing numbers of visitors from the public. CHIN has received past requests to use the museum collections data for research projects.


Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)