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Christian-Emil Ore

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Ore is an associate professor and head of Unit for Digital Documentation (EDD) at the University of Oslo and has worked with digital methods in the humanities for 25 years. Ore works on three main lines: methods for cultural heritage documentation, lexicography, corpus and philology (charters). An important issue in Ore’s work is how to make the information in memory institutions electronically available: Standards like TEI for text encoding and common core ontologies like CIDOC-CRM for data interchange. Standards must not be straitjackets choking new research. Without them, however, we can never interlink our research data meaningfully, making it harder to argue for the usefulness of digital methods.

Ore have participated in and coordinated long term projects in Southern Africa, served on scientific and advisory boards in US, Germany and Scandinavia, chaired ICOM-CIDOC (2004-2010), co-chaired TEI ontology SIG and participated in the development of CIDOC-CRM and FRBoo since 2002.




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