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I’m currently an Ontologist and Assistant Professor at the Oregon Health & Science University with primary appointment at the Scientific Library and adjunct appointments at the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical epidemiology (DMICE) and the School of Medicine.
My background in computer science includes extensive expertise in ontology development and usage of Semantic Web technologies . Throughout my work experience I’ve been developing and using ontologies and Linked Data in several domains (multimedia, e-learning, oil and gas, biomedicine).

Interest in LODLAM

I'm interested in LOADLAM because I'm interested in promoting ontology development and Linked Data publication and consumption best practices.
I'm in particular interested in the roles of the Libraries as data hubs for researchers and in solutions that can empower this role.


Library, Sciences, Research

Linked Open Data Projects

I’m currently involved in several nationwide projects that leverage development and innovative use of biomedical ontologies and clinical terminologies.
The eagle-i project ( aims at representing and share research resources and research profiles. Within eagle-i I’ve been in charge, in addition to ontology development, of developing tools for the semantic QA of the triple store data and in order to meet the requirements for publishing eagle-i resource information as Linked Open Data.
Within the CTSAConnect project ( I’m leading the ontology development and the publication of Linked Data about basic researchers and clinicians expertise. In particular I’ve developed a clinical module with ontological representation of clinical encounter and related CPT and ICD-9 in order to extract information from Electronic Health Record. Within this project we also leverage UMLS vocabularies such SNOMED to classify and compare basic researcher and clinician expertise.
As an internal project at OHSU CTSA I’m leveraging eagle-i, SciVal Experts CTSAConnect, and other relevant Linked data in order to relate internal experts to chemical compounds through different axis (genes, pathways, research resources, publications etc.) for drug repurposing.
I'm participating in several international


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